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Δεδικαίωται ἀπὸ τῆς ἁμαρτίας Freed from Sin

At one time I had Romans 6 memorized in English. I always loved verse 7: “He who has died is freed from sin.” Freedom! Yes! As I was reading through the passage in Greek this morning I was surprised that the word for “freed” is δικαιόω. I expected ἐλευθερόω, which is the normal word for […]

Παῦλος δοῦλος (Paul: Slave)

I hate the idea of being bossed around by anyone or anything. I want to be FREE. So Paul’s first two words of Romans stopped me short. Paul: Slave. This hits harsher than the English translation, usually something like “Paul, a bond-servant…” “Slave” is not how I want to define myself and I’m not alone in the “land […]